A downloadable mod for Windows

Welcome, one and all, to the Nuclear Throne: Community Remix mod's official itch.io page, the alternative download site to http://remix.thronebutt.com/. Information about the mod itself below!

Nuclear Throne: Community Remix is a mod for the game Nuclear Throne that adds tons of new and exciting changes to the game, including:

  • Over 50 new weapons.
  • 9 new mutations.
  • Altar of Luck.
  • New chest for the new weapons!
  • 3 new characters.
  • New ammo type.
  • A buncha imported sprites from the current game.
  • Lots of balancing.

...with most new additions coming from community suggestions!


This mod was made with help of the following people:





(a lot that I forgot the names of, sorry.)



Here's a direct download, if the download button doesn't work.

Install instructions

1. Make sure Nuclear Throne is updated to the latest update.

2. Go to your local folder (Steam library-> Nuclear Throne properties-> Local Files-> Browse Local files)

3. Save the data.win file somewhere else, the mod uses a different data.win and will make your game unplayable if you don't have your original data.win.

4. Place the .exe and the data.win into the local folder

5. Open the .exe and enjoy.


Nuclear Throne: Community Remix


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I can't hear the music. Just...all the music. No matter what I do, even maked all music parameters at hundered percent, nothing happened. Only sounds. No music.

!!! - 24/7

Put it in a folder with all of the music you should have gotten from main game.

It is already on.

Is there anyway to use a gamepad in this mod

No. Because of porting to GM:S, the Gamepad functionality is broken, and, well, I have no clue how to code gamepad support.

Do the new characters have an ultra level? I played as Brains and got to level 9 and was stuck there. No matter how many rads I took I couldn't reach 10

None do. Update 19 didn't have Ultras yet.

the mod don't start downloing

  1. this is the mod in direct download in the page say this, https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgf8c2lpgsi4d0f/NTCR.zip?dl=0

I can not help to open the game gives a fatal error

What is the error?

help help i not download your mod pls help and way i not download your mod pls i liked your mod pls pls pls

I don't know what you're asking help for.

(2 edits)

i no download your mod by is,wait ploblem resuelt i download your mod whit the direct link sorry for my bad english

Good Mod :D